Launching Glize

First thing’s first, allow us to introduce ourselves. The brand Glize stands for exclusive mobile offers with worldwide coverage. We have the experience and the tools to make a difference in the mobile market and now you get to take advantage of them! 

“When we created Glize we had one vision: bringing brand-new mobile offers to the affiliate world. Everything we do here has one purpose – allow our partners to reach a high ROI and scale up as easily as possible” – Reto Moser, COO/Partner


Back in the 50’s, when the digital world was the subject of Sci-Fi literature, all it took to be successful in a business was to manufacture a product of good quality. We can’t say that much has changed, except the variety and complexity of the market is immense nowadays. How we believe to have a brand better than what’s already out there, is most definitely the people behind it, besides the quality. With over 8 years of experience in the mobile world, Glize was born from the need and wish to improve and to innovate, to share with partners the know-how and the dedication we have gained all this time. 

We truly believe that you are not here to be average. You are here to be Awesome! As awesome as Glize. We have created our exclusive products in order to give you a wide range of high converting proprietary offers to choose from. And we can confirm that our team is entirely dedicated. Each and every Glize member has a career here so, with us, you have a more personal, supporting relationship, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced partner.

“The whole Glize team consists of perhaps the most dedicated affiliate managers you can find in the mobile affiliate marketing industry. We are happy to keep our partners close, improve the business constantly and react immediately so we stay ahead of the competition”. -  Stefan Muehlbauer CSO/Co-Founder.

Launching Glize was not an easy task or a “one-time-thing” kind of event. We wanted to show as many people as possible the power of awesomeness! So we started with the Affiliate World Berlin where we found good old partners as well as new potential ones  happy to meet our “newborn baby”.

And then we went to New York for the Affiliate Summit East… But the highlight of our Transatlantic trip was an awesome night for our team, partners and friends with the great music from [drum rolls please] Gipsy Kings. And yes, we have the photos to prove it!  


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