Why Trial Flow Nutra Offers Are Huge Money Makers

Nutra has become so popular lately, that it has almost reached buzzword status. It’s one of the mainstream verticals that has registered the most traction with affiliate marketing and it certainly got the performance industry players wondering: what’s so special about Nutra? 

One of the answer probably lies in its broadness – this is a wide niche, including everything related to health, dietary supplements, weight loss, skin products and more. But what is certain is that nutraceutical manufacturers and advertisers had been using the tactics of affiliate marketing long before the reign of Internet, expediting its online adoption.

The attraction for affiliates and online marketers lies in its potential for endless financial gain. Nutra advertising is liable for shock and curiosity -  two strong emotions that guarantee conversions! Add into the mix a multiple-step flow and affiliate marketers will be laughing all the way to the bank.

With access to key Tier 1 GEOs, Glize has taken the opportunity to introduce an extensive portfolio of Nutra offers in the Marketplace, complete with highly profitable two-step trial flows.

UK BioGenic XR, US AlphaForce Testo, US Kyto Trim, and CA MaxTest Ultra are just a few of our top converting products.

Ranging from beauty treatments to weight loss or male enhancement, these attractive offers are perfect for native advertising as well as RTB, email and display traffic. 

What’s great about the Glize Nutra offers is the fact that the top-of-the-market payouts of up to 35€ can be easily doubled by upselling to the second trial step. That should keep your pockets smiling!

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